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Don't Tax Our Credit Union - Taxing credit unions could destroy them as we know them. Please visit www.DontTaxMyCreditUnion.org. Select Employee Groups - UCCU partners with local businesses to offer special benefits. Learn more here! Did You Know? - Where does the word April come from? The Romans called the month April is from the Latin word-Aperire, which means to open. Some think the word April could come from the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. What is the gem associated with April? The Diamond for Innocence. Help us celebrate Youth Month - Like surfers, young savers need tools and techniques to improve their skills. Why not ride the save wave into UCCU this April to get the children in your life started with strong savings habits? We're celebrating National Credit Union Youth Month, and this year's theme, "Catch the $aveWave™." Whether your children are just getting their toes wet with savings accounts orjumping in to their first auto loan or credit card, we can help. Stop by UCCU and get in on the action! Card Security Update - Recent reports indicate as many as 40 million Target shoppers who visited the big chain store in the three weeks after Thanksgiving may have had their credit and debit card information stolen. In response to this breach, UCCU took swift action to secure all members’ information. We received reports indicating which member accounts were included in the theft, and issued new MasterMoney® debit cards and Visa® credit cards. Due to the volume of cards that were involved nationwide, affected members may have experienced a delay before the new cards arrived. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and appreciate your patience as we worked to protect your funds. Though this threat has passed, UCCU encourages all members to remain vigilant about card safety. Monitor your accounts regularly through CUAnywhere and CUMobile, and alert us to any suspicious charges. We also urge you to review your account contact information and ensure that all details are up to date. In the event of fraud, having the proper contact information helps us respond quickly and effectively. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. Our offices will close in observance of the following holidays - Memorial Day - May 26, Independence Day - July 4

What People Are Saying

"I was treated like a celebrity and it remains a pleasure to be a member. :)"

"Shelby always greets me and wishes me a good day - but all your tellers seem to do this."

"I hope to see Kristin again"

"UCCU Treats you like family not livestock"

"Sheila at Olathe Branch was extremely helpful, friendly and satisfied all our requests."

"Nancy has handled my business with empathy in the loss of my husband & is always professional."

"For years Natalie has been hospitable, friendly & helpful."

"I really appreciate all of you so much.  It means so much when I walk in and you know me and call me by name."

"Kathey is awesome to work with.  Always kind and helpful ."

"Sarah is the best!  She is always happy & helpful."

"Nancy hand delivered a calendar to drive thru-very nice!"

"This is why we stay with UCCU-House loan, car, Harley! 3 grandkids savings accounts Nancy @ 24Hwy is the best! "

"The gals in Olathe are AWESOME!!  Always helpful!"

"Sue is the most congenial and friendly person I know!"

"Kathey was the consummate professional, as always!"

"Lucy is absolutely great!"

"Melissa (Melissia) is awesome!!!"

"Kimberly was great to work with."

"Lindsay was very helpful and friendly"

"Antoinette was extremely helpful as always."

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